What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners?

Are you anxious about getting dental braces? At Watt Antelope Family Dentist, we understand our patient’s teeth alignment and correction concerns.Smiles are vital when we are interacting socially and professionally. They are the first thing people notice when engaging with them.Therefore, our dental offices provide advanced dental options that are comfortable, discreet, and effective in improving your smile. In addition, we often recommend SureSmile clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth to patients not open to traditional braces.

What is Sure Smile Clear Aligners

SureSmile orthodontics are clear aligners fitted over the teeth to correct your bite and misalignment. They resemble mouthguards and are alternatives to conventional braces. Aprogressive series of customized SureSmile aligners will be required to achieve the desired results.Unlike conventional braces, which can cause pain and discomfort, these clear aligners gently apply pressure to maneuver the teeth. They give your dentist more control over the pressure and direction applied to the teeth. SureSmile aligners can reduce the time needed to improve your smile by increasing the efficiency of the movement.However, every smile differs, and each patient’s experience with SureSmile aligners will vary slightly.For example, for a minor tooth correction, the treatment may last for 12 months, while for major and complex modifications, it may take 12 to 24 months. Generally, other factors affect how long one may need to use SureSmile aligners.Additionally, the aligners are used in treating mild and moderate dental issues. The aligners can be used in older teens and adults for orthodontic treatment. One can consider SureSmile aligners to fix the following:

  • Underbites and overbites
  • Unwanted gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth

Treatment Process

There are three phases involved in SureSmile aligners treatment. Each step is well-designed to achieve optimal accuracy and convenience.

  1. Creating a 3-D Model

This is the first step of SureSmile orthodontic treatment, including taking a 3D scan of your teeth. The scan is then used to create a digital model of your dental structure. It is done by orthodontics equipment called an Oral Scanner.The OralScanner contains a tiny camera that will capture your mouth’s dental layout, which is then computerized to create a model of your teeth. This picture gives your dental team a clear picture of the cause of your bite issues and teeth misalignment.

  1. Developing a Treatment Plan

After the 3-D model is created, your dentist will utilize it to create a treatment plan.This plan will involve every movement your teeth make during treatment. The plan is then tested on the computer to ensure all complications are fixed before the treatment begins.

  1. Creating the Archwires

After your treatment plan has been developed, the computer system will create a perfect archwire for your braces. The archwire will be made from the shape memory alloy, allowing the dentist to replace the archwires easily. The computer system then creates a progressive prescription of the aligners.

Benefits of Sure Smile Aligners

Here are the top benefits of SureSmile aligners.


SureSmile aligners are an excellent option for patients who don’t want attention drawn to their teeth during their orthodontic treatment. These aligners are clear plastic materials fitted snugly on your teeth. And because other people don’t quickly notice the aligners unless they are standing close to you.

They are Efficient and Safe

This type of orthodontic treatment is considered to be a safe and efficient way to correct your teeth. During the treatment, your dentist will adequately plan and supervise the progress to endure you receive quality dental care. Visit our dental office to get invisible clear aligners near you and enjoy their efficiency.

One Can Enjoy an Unrestricted Diet

With traditional braces, one has to avoid hard or sticky foods. Otherwise, the brackets and metal wires will be at risk of damage. Luckily, with SureSmile aligners, you will not face any diet restrictions. These invisible aligners are removable, allowing you to eat your favorite meals. As a precaution, after removing the aligners, store them in the provided case. It will reduce the likelihood of doing away with your braces after damaging them accidentally.


SureSmile aligners are a discreet, fast, and flexible way to improve your dental structure and oral health. Schedule a visit with our dentist in North Highlands, CA, who will discuss your goals and needs and offer a customized treatment plan to achieve that dream smile.