Dental Bonding in North Highlands,CA

Dental Bonding in North Highlands,CA Dental Bonding in North Highlands

If you’re bothered by chips and cracks in your teeth, they’re nothing a little dental bonding cannot fix. Watt Antelope Family Dentist can correct the shape of your teeth, misalignments, gaps, or cracks through dental bonding. Dental bonding is a safe and effective way to aesthetically enhance your smile while making it more functional as well. The dentist uses a resin that matches the shade of your teeth for a natural smile that dazzles without looking false. The procedure is generally pain-free and does not often require the use of anesthetics.

Dental bonding is a simple and cost-effective cosmetic dental approach that can usually be completed in one dental visit. The end result will be refreshing with the affected tooth matching the rest of your teeth so that you no longer have to worry about life’s little imperfections in your teeth.

Dental bonding can close gaps between teeth, repair teeth that have broken, and even replace old fillings, making your smile better than ever. Tooth bonding is a plastic resin that your dentist can place on areas of imperfections on your teeth. The resin begins as a putty-like material that is molded to perfectly fit how you need it to while naturally matching the rest of your teeth. The bonded material is hardened using a special dental curing light before being polished to give it that inherent sparkle that your other teeth have. The resin will protect the tooth and improve your smile.

Dental bonding usually requires a small bit of the affected tooth’s enamel to be removed. This is done to make sure that the resin fits well in your mouth and attaches securely. Like veneers, dental bonding can visually enhance your smile. Many patients consider dental bonding as an alternative to veneers when fewer teeth are affected. Dental bonding is also good at protecting the roots of teeth that have been exposed to gum recession, either as a result of aging or periodontal disease. The results of dental bonding can last up to a decade, giving you the perfect, pearly-whites you desire at a fraction of the cost of other restorative treatments. Call Watt Antelope Family Dentist today to schedule an appointment at our North Highlands office.

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