Dentures in North Highlands, CA

Dentures in North Highlands, CA If you’re missing teeth, you likely miss seeing yourself with a beautiful, full smile. You don’t have to live with gaps in your teeth, thanks to Toral Pandya and the team at Watt Antelope Family Dentist. You may be asking yourself, “What are dental partials?”

If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, full or partial dentures in North Highland, CA could help. You can reestablish the form and function of your smile with this tailored restorative treatment, increasing your confidence and allowing you to get more out of your everyday life.

The Dentures Process

If you’re looking for dentures near you, our team at Watt Antelope Family Dentist is here to help. Whether you need partial dentures or full dentures, here’s what you can expect:

A consultation for dentures in North Highland, CA, is the first step with our dentist. We’ll inspect your mouth, take X-rays, discuss your concerns, and then go through your tooth replacement choices. We may discuss the advantages of bridges and implant-retained dentures and same-day dentures, in addition to complete and partial dentures.

We’ll make an imprint of your mouth if you choose partial or complete dentures. We will use this impression to create your new, personalized grin and we’ll take measures over the following few visits to verify that your dentures fit and look correct.

What Are Dental Partials?

Our dentist can use a full arch of partial dentures to replace any lost teeth. They use an acrylic, gum-colored, or metal foundation to hold the tailored replacement teeth in their proper placements. If you don’t know which type of dentures near you that you require, we’ll be sure to discuss that at the consultation.

What Are Full Dentures?

“Full denture” refers to a set of dentures that replaces a whole arch of missing teeth. They’re made of a gum-colored acrylic foundation that’s precisely intended to stay in place with natural suction while you eat and speak. Custom-made, natural-looking resin or ceramic prosthetic teeth sit above the base, helping to maintain your entire facial structure and avoid sagging cheeks.

Learn More About Dentures

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