Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry in North Highlands,CA

Preventive Dentistry in North Highlands,CA Preventive Dentistry in North Highlands

Practicing good oral health habits at home by brushing and flossing every day are just the beginning steps to maintaining great oral hygiene. The next step is to regularly visit your dentist for routine dental exams and cleanings. Visiting your dentist and practicing good oral hygiene at home are the foundations of healthy teeth and long-lasting smiles.

The staff at Watt Antelope Family Dentist provides quality, preventive care to keep your smile looking and feeling good. We offer deep cleaning services to those who need it as well as x-ray examinations, fluoride treatments, and dental sealant applications alongside regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

Preventive Services

Bi-annual dental exams allow your dentist in North Highlands to make sure that everything is spit-spot so that you can put your best tooth forward. Our highly knowledgeable staff will examine to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. If something does not look right or you are establishing yourself as a patient, your dentist may take dental x-rays to make sure there are no underlying issues or complications which we cannot see. The best and most cost-effective dental treatment is preventive treatment. It is recommended to come in for a dental visit at least once every six months.

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments can help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Teeth have a lot of little spots which bacteria and food can get caught in, which can cause a lot of problems. Even if you brush regularly, you might have leftover foods or plaque in the grooves of your teeth or in between teeth. Sealants and fluoride treatments can help prevent tooth decay from forming which could save you from unnecessary pain and payments in the long run.

It’s best to stop problems from forming than treating problems once they have already begun causing pain or other complications. For that reason, we at Watt Antelope Family Dentist prioritize patient education so that we can prevent oral health issues from ever beginning to cause problems. Great teeth begin with a healthy lifestyle. That means trying to lower sugar intake and overly-processed foods and eating balanced, healthy meals which include fruits and vegetables regularly. For more information about taking care of your teeth or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.

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